Spiritual Life Coaching

 "Struggle" to "Success"

For many of us there comes a point in our lives when we start to seek more meaning for ourselves. We find that our traditional spiritual upbringing no longer suits who we feel we are now. Or for those who have had no specific spiritually based upbringing, there can become a desire to find a spiritual home. As we journey onto a new spiritual path in search of  meaning, we often find that our relationships and careers become outmoded. The questioning of everything we held to be true begins, and the process can be quite unsettling as it threatens to bring about a great deal of upheaval into our world and for those around us. We find that friends we have known for years no longer suit our new reality as they once had. Our closest relationships seem to suffer as well, as we begin to question everything in our lives that we had once been so certain of. The question then becomes, what do we discard and how do we redesign our relationships in order to feel comfortable on this new phase of our lives. As we take a step forward in the process of soul growth, we may first find that our careers are no longer satisfying. This process, though a bit unsettling at first, is just the first step preparing us to  redesign the rest of our lives. For many, this process comes about in mid life. This is not because of a “crisis of lost youth”, but rather a sense that our lives are shifting from one stage of  struggle, with “acquiring and finding our adult identity“, to shifting to  “inner expansion”. There are individuals who feel the growing pains of the soul far before their mid life. Our human process is unique to each of us and we find our growth and resulting struggles in our own unique time. When dealing with these changes, it’s helpful to be in consultation with someone who has had the same type of struggle and has been able to succeed in  overcoming it with success. They are an example of  how you can get to that same point of success in your own life.

 Why Use A Life Coach?
The purpose of  Life Coaching is to provide a person with a mentor who can act as a  sounding board for them as they travel along a new path. A life coach has had experience and success within the area in which they are coaching. They can both validate your struggles and give you the assurance that you can overcome the obstacles and find yourself back on the path that suits you, just as they have done.   Life coaching is not psychological counseling, nor is it designed to give a person a specific course of action. When a person consults with a life coach, they have in mind either a plan of action or the need for guidance with a plan that they are formulating for themselves.  It’s helpful when struggling with a certain aspect of one’s life to have an impartial empathetic person who can validate your struggles and share their experiences of how they were able to get from “struggle to  success”.

How I Can Help You
In addition to my degree, training, my psychic and empathic talents, I have been a spiritual seeker for as long as I can remember. I left my traditional Catholic upbringing early in my adult life in search of a more meaningful spiritual experience. As such, I have delved into different forms of spirituality and am still carving out my own unique spiritual path. As a result of my journey I have felt it necessary to throw off ways of life that had previously defined me. In my tarot reading practice I use the cards as a tool to help empower people primarily in the area of relationship. It has not only been my spiritual path that helps me to assist others in empowering their lives, it has also been by my own experience in a 33 year old marriage and with two soul mate relationships. Longevity of relationship is not enough in itself , it is how you choose to redesign a relationship to suit who you both have become, (thus far in your lives), that make it a “success”.  The process and the result of which is obviously unique to each and every relationship. What works for one couple most assuredly won’t work for another. Where it is obvious that good communication is necessary in any relationship, it is equally as important to do a self examination and find yourself. After all, it takes two imperfect beings to make a good relationship.