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 The Six of Pentacles shows us that by sharing with others we will attract what we need in our lives. It's a card about exchange, give and take and generosity. When we give of ourselves, what we get back in many nice ways that cannot necessarily be seen or touched but are felt inside of ourselves.

As part of my own spiritual journey I have found that through giving back to the community in some way, I find more balance in my life. Also, being creative sparks my spiritual side.There are some wonderful places where you can put your knitting skills to use for charity! I have donated to the four charities below, but there are many worthy organizations out there looking for help. Some even give you the supplies you need in order to complete the projects for them!

A favorite book of mine is called "Knitting For Peace, make the world a better place one stitch at a time" by Betty Christiansen. In it she gives you many resources for charities as well as some fun and easy patterns too.

The links listed to the right are the organizations that I have done work for. I enjoy them all and hope you will check them out.